JSON data reimagined with SingleStoreDB

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Akmal Chaudhri - Technical Evangelist, SingleStore

JSON data reimagined with SingleStoreDB


JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a widely used, highly popular format for storing and transporting data. And in our latest product release, SingleStoreDB introduced performance improvements for working with JSON and string data — including support for seekable JSON (delivering 100-400x performance benefits) and a shiny new Query Playground.  

Just what can you do with JSON in SingleStoreDB? Join SingleStore's Senior Technical Evangelist Akmal Chaudhri, on Tuesday, April 4th at 10a.m. PT for a 60-minute workshop all about JSON analytics. Watch as Akmal walks through  a live demo on how SingleStoreDB ingests, processes and analyzes JSON data with unmatched and flexibility — and get a first-hand look at the tools that SingleStore provides to work with JSON, including ingesting and processing data from various sources like an existing NoSQL database system

All registrants will also be eligible for a custom speed test and field benchmark — which includes swag prizes.

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Discussion Topicsdiscussion-topics

  • How to ingest and manipulate JSON data into SingleStoreDB
  • How Seekable JSON provides huge performance benefits
  • A live demo and Q&A session to answer your burning questions on all things JSON analytics and SingleStoreDB

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Akmal Chaudhri - Technical Evangelist, SingleStore
Akmal Chaudhri
Technical Evangelist, SingleStore

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