Supercharging SaaS Applications: The Foodics Story

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Supercharging SaaS Applications: The Foodics Story


SaaS innovator Foodics revolutionizes the way companies and restaurants handle real-time reporting, inventory management, order submission and employee operations. Headquartered in Riyadh and available across 17 countries, Foodics is growing rapidly around the world — meaning their need to process data at faster speeds and deliver real-time insights is growing, too. This increase in users and analytics moves Foodics into a new category of SaaS: they’re now dealing with a data-intensive application. 

Today’s world demands modern applications that process data quickly and accurately. But the challenge for most SaaS startups is that their data infrastructure isn't designed for data intensity — the idea that high volumes of data should be quickly ingested and processed, no matter how complex or diverse the datasets. How do you meet the demands of a data-intensive application? It starts with the right database. 

Join us for an interactive webinar with SingleStore and Foodics, where you’ll get a closer look at how Foodics supercharged their SaaS application, rising to meet data-intensive demands and keeping their user experiences on point.

Discussion Topics

  • Foodics’ database journey, use cases and lessons learned as they scaled their SaaS app

  • Why (and how) Foodics migrated to SingleStore to increase performance and lower costs

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