Turbocharging MySQL JSON Data with SingleStoreDB

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Akmal Chaudhri - Senior Technical Evangelist, SingleStore

Turbocharging MySQL JSON Data with SingleStoreDB


MySQL is one of the most popular open-source databases on the planet, and JSON is a widely-used lightweight format for storing and transporting data. But as a single-node architecture with limited scalability, MySQL has difficulty handling real-time analytics on rapidly-changing data. So, how can we turbocharge MySQL applications and analytics while still retaining the familiar syntax and structures of SQL and JSON?

In this webinar, SingleStore’s Senior Technical Evangelist will build an example inventory system using SingleStoreDB to model an online store that sells various electronic equipment. The online store was originally built on MySQL using JSON data, and we’ll see that it is effortless to store, retrieve and query that JSON data using SingleStoreDB. We’ll also build a quick visual front-end to our inventory system using Laravel and PHP.

Discussion Topicsdiscussion-topics

  • Benefits and challenges with MySQL architectures
  • How to manipulate JSON data using SingleStoreDB
  • How to build a visual front-end using Laravel and PHP

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Akmal Chaudhri - Senior Technical Evangelist, SingleStore
Akmal Chaudhri
Senior Technical Evangelist, SingleStore

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