Moments that Matter: How the Modern Database Powers Data-Intensive Applications

Data-intensive applications demand a Modern Database

Across industries, whether conveying ride-share options, curated content recommendations, in-game advertising or myriad other types of digital consumption, the most fruitful moments that matter invariably share a common characteristic: they are formulated blindingly fast, with vast inputs of the most relevant, freshest data possible.

Operationally, these moments similarly share another characteristic: they are enabled by data-intensive applications, critical underlying technology characterized by:

  • Large data sets
  • Large, fast-changing datasets
  • Complex queries
  • Extremely low latency requirements

This paper explores the evolution of database technology and why Modern Database architectures are uniquely capable of powering moments that matter. Spanning diverse industries such as ride-sharing, entertainment, digital retail, finance and many more, moments that matter are the defining characteristic of the world’s most valuable companies.

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