How Nucleus Security Drove 4X Throughput with Distributed SQL

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How Nucleus Security Drove 4X Throughput with Distributed SQL


Nucleus Security, a leading application security / vulnerability management platform, needed a database architecture that could handle fast ingest data from a variety of sources (assets, vulnerabilities data, threat intelligence feeds) and in a variety of formats (JSON, full text, etc). And the team needed to be able to handle complex queries for a security-conscious customer base that demands real-time insights.

After struggling with and eventually discarding MariaDB, Nucleus Security was able to improve performance 20X and cut AWS costs by 3X using SingleStoreDB, reducing their platform’s vulnerability scan from hours to minutes.

But then Nucleus ran up against a new limit based on hardware – join us for an interactive session to learn how they successfully reached a new level of peak performance using the power of a scale-out, distributed architecture through SingleStoreDB “clustering” which achieved 4X greater throughput.

Discussion Topics

  • Nucleus’ data journey to powering real-time vulnerability management platform

  • How Nucleus moved to a distributed, scale-out architecture with SingleStoreDB

  • Performance comparisons (Before and After Clustering)

  • [LIVE DEMO] How to handle complex queries with multiple data sources in multiple formats (JSON, full text, etc)

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Thursday, December 8th
9:00am PST
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60 minutes
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