Cheeky. Bold. Sky High.

We've never been afraid to have a little fun — and our billboard on the 101 Freeway is the perfect representation of our good-natured humor. Scroll through the library to see some of our best moments.


your-crack-is-showingYour crack is showing

Our June 2024 product release introduced exciting new capabilities in SingleStore for building intelligent applications — including support to "unfreeze" Iceberg data. With a bi-directional integration, smart autoscaling, faster search features and the ability to deploy SingleStore Helios® in your own VPC, our summer launch turned up the heat 🥵.

guilty-of-managing-your-dataGuilty...of managing your data

This billboard was huge — the best billboard anyone has ever seen. Ever. And we love to capitalize on what everyone is talking about when current events take the news cycle by storm (pun intended). Plus, it's no secret SingleStore makes managing all types of data simple — and that's something we don't keep hush hush 😉.

time-is-nowTime Is Now

A brand idea turned rallying cry for technology leaders, this billboard signified our CEO Raj Verma's journey into authorship with his first book: "Time Is Now: A Journey Into Demystifying AI." With personal stories and anecdotes, frameworks for leveraging AI for more intelligent business decisions and evaluating how our choices can be used for good in the world, Raj guides readers through a world driven by AI, and the power of Now.

the-ai-pot-of-goldThe AI pot of gold

As a comprehensive data platform for AI, SingleStore taps into Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to combine the power of large, pre-trained language models with external search. The detailed, context-aware nature of RAG makes it perfect for use cases like Q+A, content creation, research assistance and more.

introducing-single-store-pro-maxIntroducing SingleStore Pro Max

Pro Max represented more than a product update — it was a quantum leap in performance and compute for AI workloads. From 1,000x faster vector search to the introduction of our Free Shared Tier, Pro Max cemented SingleStore as the premier real-time data platform for all applications, analytics and AI.

just-peachyJust peachy

All in, all the time. Further supporting the launch of SingleStore Pro Max, we leaned into some cheeky humor to communicate the truly expansive nature of this feature release. With Pro Max, you can go all in on AI.


the-winners-circleThe winner's circle

It's simple: You can't win at AI with a vector-only database. And we know that application developers using vector functionalities are better served by building their apps on a general, modern data platform that meets all AI requirements — not just one.

english-is-the-new-sqlEnglish is the new SQL

Talk to your database in a way it understands. As a SQL-capable database with AI search functionalities, you can talk to SingleStore in plain English — querying your database to find the right answers to your questions. Never lose anything in translation again 😏.

semantics-semanticsSemantics, semantics

Intent + contextual meaning is critical for generative AI. SingleStore supports semantic search by storing and querying high-dimensional vector data — and includes built-in functions for efficient vector and AI operations including similarity matching through dot_product to perform semantic queries.

single-store-x-chase-centerSingleStore x Chase Center

We marked a monumental moment as a company when we hosted our first-ever real-time AI conference, SingleStore Now. Set in the lower bowl against the backdrop of the iconic Chase Center in San Francisco, the event featured over 1,000 attendees with speakers like LangChain CEO Harrison Chase and LlamaIndex CEO Jerry Liu — as well as sessions and demos from Google and AWS.

perfect-pitchPerfect pitch

Speciality vector databases are just that: speciality. You don't need a database that's good at only one thing — you need an AI data platform that can do it all. From vector capabilities to semantic search, image matching, RAG and more, SingleStore is the data platform that hits all the right notes, every time.


bragging-rightsBragging rights

SingleStore unifies transactions (OLTP) and analytics (OLAP) in the same engine to deliver high-performance analytics on operational data in real time — without the need for data movement. And, we do it all with low-latency, millisecond query performance. Transactions, analytics and speed — need we say more?

just-a-little-cheekyJust a little cheeky

It's no secret modern customer-facing SaaS applications need to deliver fast, interactive experiences while scaling easily to serve thousands — or hundreds of thousands — of users. And that starts with the right data platform. SingleStore delivers transactional, analytical and AI capabilities to power SaaS applications in a single engine, meaning you can say goodbye to multiple speciality databases.

touchdown-single-storeTouchdown, SingleStore

We love playing into certain times of year — and with football season happening and a CEO who is a massive San Francisco 49ers fan, this billboard was fitting. Not to mention, SingleStore truly does outperform legacy, single-node databases when it comes to speed and scale — so you never need to throw a Hail Mary.

a-very-single-store-christmasA very SingleStore Christmas

He sees you when your...database doesn't read data in real time? We had a little fun during the holidays, poking fun at the idea of a naughty and nice list that updates in real time — and we know Santa would use SingleStore to make it happen.

equal-opportunistsEqual opportunists

Transactions. Analytics. Why have one when you can have both? SingleStore combines an in-memory rowstore, together with a disk-based columnstore in the same engine to drive fast, real-time applications. We're all about having your cake and eating it, too.


the-elephant-in-the-roomThe elephant in the room

What do Kellogg's, Comcast and a Tier-1 Wealth Management Firm have in common? All three ran — no, stampeded — away from their antiquated Hadoop data structures in favor of SingleStore. The main takeaway? Elephants belong in the jungle, not your data stack.


the-beginningThe beginning

In 2020, we made a big leap: rebranding from MemSQL to SingleStore. And our CEO Raj Verma knew that a big leap has to be marked by a big moment — in this case, a shift in how the world handled data: transactions and analytics together in a single, unified engine. All data, one platform.