18 Favorite Posts and Articles from SingleStore

18 Favorite Posts and Articles from SingleStore

The data industry has so many topics to dive into. At SingleStore, we do our best to provide coverage across a range of subjects. To make it a bit easier to find a few of our recent and historical hits, we have curated a short list of articles by topic. Enjoy! SQL SQL is the lingua franca of data processing. Understand why SingleStore has stayed true to this dominant approach. Hidden Cost of NoSQL | Network World Article | Jan 2016 Why SingleStore Placed a Bet on SQL | SingleStore Blog | Oct 2015 In-Memory The future is fast, and memory-optimized architectures will get us there. Why In-memory Is the Future of Computing | DataInformed Article | March 2016 Four Reasons Behind the Popularity and Adoption of In-Memory Computing | SingleStore Blog | July 2016 Lambda Architecture The ability to capture, process, and serve data in real time is critical for modern workloads. Lambda is one approach and we help break down the details. Rethinking Lambda Architecture for Real-Time Analytics | SingleStore Blog | Dec 2015 Lambda Architecture Isn’t | SingleStore Blog | Dec 2015 Lambda Architecture Simplified | SingleStore Whitepaper | Jan 2016 Historical Perspective Data processing: where the old is new again. Get our take on where the industry has been and is headed. Cache is a new RAM | SingleStore Blog | Nov 2015 Big Data Big Data deserves big discussion. Understand a real-time approach to tackling data challenges. 5 Big Data Trends | SingleStore Blog | Sep 2015 Closing the Batch Gap | Feb 2015 Shaping Big Data Through Constraints Analysis | InfoQ Article | May 2015 Database Specific Databases are the foundation of modern computing. We cover the basics. Characteristics of a Modern Database | SingleStore Blog | Dec 2015 Database Speed Test | SingleStore Blog | Jun 2015 Turn Up the Volume With High-Speed Counters | SingleStore Technical Blog | Mar 2015 SingleStore Ecosystem Fit Data processing solutions go far beyond a single product. Understand how SingleStore fits into a larger ecosystem. Filling the Gap Between HANA and Hadoop | SingleStore Blog | Apr 2015 Using Oracle and SingleStore Together | SingleStore Blog | Dec 2015 Geospatial In a world where every data point has a place, geospatial analytics can deliver another avenue for insight. Always-on Geospatial Analytics | SingleStore Blog and Whitepaper | March 2016 Real-Time Geospatial Intelligence with Supercar | SingleStore Blog | March 2015
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