Securing Real-Time Applications with SingleStoreDB Cloud and AWS PrivateLink

Securing Real-Time Applications with SingleStoreDB Cloud and AWS PrivateLink

In today’s digital world, cloud data security is a critical concern for both businesses and individuals. With the increasing volume of data being generated and stored in the cloud, it's more important than ever to protect sensitive information from cyber threats. At SingleStore, nothing is more important than the security of our customer’s data. Our organization works diligently to ensure security is architected, designed, implemented and audited at every layer of the technology stack.As part of our ongoing commitments to security and partnerships, we’re proud to announce that SingleStore has recently attained AWS PrivateLink Ready Partner designation — particularly for our managed offering, SingleStoreDB Cloud on AWS. In this blog, we’ll discuss all things AWS PrivateLink and SingleStoreDB Cloud. SingleStoreDB CloudSingleStoreDB Cloud is a fully managed, cloud-native database that powers real-time workloads.  Our patented Universal Storage architecture intelligently tiers data between three storage layers (RAM, SSD, object storage) based on data access patterns. This ensures that data is always on the correct storage tier, delivering high performance at scale.Built for engineers by engineers, SingleStoreDB is based on a distributed SQL architecture, meaning databases are spread amongst a cluster of nodes rather than a single node monolith. Allowing SingleStore nodes to scale horizontally mitigates bottlenecks in data architectures,  delivering  millisecond performance on complex queries. These ‘shared nothing’ design principles allow businesses to effortlessly scale real-time applications.Having a distributed SQL database with Universal Storage architecture enables transactions and analytics to be unified in a single database engine. This is simpler, more performant, and more affordable than the alternative of stitching together disparate purpose-built databases to serve transactions and analytics separately. SingleStoreDB drives low-latency access to large datasets and simplifies the development of fast, modern applications.
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