Full Speed Ahead

Nearly ten years ago I received a phone call about a startup in Silicon Valley solving application performance problems with memory.

From my data center infrastructure experience, I knew the days of mechanical disk drives were limited. I had to get on the memory train, so I went.

That experience led me to meet the co-founders of Fusion-io and ultimately join them in 2010. When Fusion-io went public in 2011 revenue was on its way from $36 million to $197 million annually. The time was right for flash memory and Fusion-io had the products to deliver.

Companies like Facebook and others jumped at the opportunity to supercharge their databases and infrastructure, going so far as to deploy all solid-state data centers to meet the needs of a globally connected population interacting with data and images around the clock.

During the next several years I watched customers deploy solutions for Oracle, SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL to achieve great results. Ultimately however, these solutions remained available to only a portion of the population. They were driven by adding remarkable hardware to good software.

What if we could change the equation so customers could work with remarkable software and  hardware that didn’t break the bank?

My excitement for SingleStore comes from this very premise. Far beyond making the databases of yesteryear look good, SingleStore has rethought the database itself.

With a ground-up focus on memory and DRAM, distributed systems, and the ability to deploy anywhere from bare metal to a cloud container or VM, SingleStore has designed a product for today’s interconnected and interactive world. It scales out, handles the most torturous workloads without breaking a sweat, delivers analytics in the midst of massive data capture, and preserves the SQL goodness that has served as the enterprise analytics lingua franca for decades.

The SingleStore team has made phenomenal progress in the last few years, delivering a solid product with incredible market opportunity. A real-time world awaits as we experience the growth of data, applications, and touch points in our daily lives.

The SingleStore path is flanked by customers generating new revenue, driving down solution costs, and innovating with data-driven solutions in ways that had not been possible before.

I’m thrilled to be a part of it!