At the heart of our journey with SQrL lies a simple mission: to empower developers to fully leverage the capabilities of SingleStore. SQrL has become the key co-pilot for developers to build with SingleStore — simplifying the creation of SQL queries, enhancing code debugging and demystifying the utilization of our distributed database engine for tailored needs.

a-new-chapter-with-code-generatorA new chapter with Code Generator

We’re thrilled to take this experience to the next level, introducing Code Generator within SQrL. This feature is designed to seamlessly translate your requirements into highly optimized SQL queries by simply processing your requests in English, along with the selected tables. It’s a pivotal step toward enhancing efficiency and tapping into the potential of SingleStore for real-time and AI-driven applications.

why-build-code-generatorWhy build Code Generator?

The versatility of our HTAP engine supports a broad spectrum of applications, from dynamic dashboards to complex AI solutions. Navigating through the endless amount of configurations to unlock this potential for specific projects can be daunting.

Code Generator alleviates this complexity. By intelligently analyzing your table schemas and applying deep insights into distributed system dynamics, it crafts SQL queries that are functional and fine-tuned to your application’s requirements. This means you can spend less time on query optimization, and more time on innovation.

commitment-to-privacyCommitment to privacy

Your data’s security is paramount. It’s worth emphasizing that SQrL’s Code Generator operates on schema information alone — your actual data remains untouched and secure. This ensures you benefit from advanced optimizations with peace of mind, knowing your sensitive information is protected.

getting-started-with-code-generatorGetting started with Code Generator

Diving into Code Generator’s capabilities is straightforward:

  1. Access SQrL via our Portal and select the "Code Generator" suggested prompt
  2. Choose your tables from a dropdown. Rest assured, we're only accessing schema information to safeguard your data’s privacy.
  3. Enter your query request and let SQrL do the heavy lifting. You’ll get not only the SQL query ready to run but also some information about it so you can fully understand it.

By bridging the gap between complex SQL query formulation and the strategic goals of developers, we’re setting a new standard for database interaction.

We would love you all to try out Code Generator. If you can't find this feature and would like to try it out, feel free to reach out directly through our Forums, or just tweet at us.

Introducing SQrL's Code Generator: Your SQL Co-Pilot