Ready to Dump Hadoop? Augment or Replace It With SingleStore


Vijay Raja

Senior Director of Product Marketing

Ready to Dump Hadoop?  Augment or Replace It With SingleStore

Modern business can’t run on legacy technology. A strong case in point: the painfully slow performance, high costs and complexity associated with Hadoop. SingleStore offers a streamlined, cost-effective path to modernity with options to augment or replace Hadoop on-premises, or on hybrid cloud environments.

It’s 2022. Which means that whatever challenges your organization faced with Hadoop last year have probably intensified. Does this sound familiar?

“Here’s the funny thing about Hadoop in 2021: While cost savings and analytics performance were the two most attractive benefits back in the roaring 2010s, the shine has worn off both features. It doesn’t help that cloud’s silver lining has beckoned to far more companies over the decades — all those big enterprises that were slow to take to AWS or Azure or competitors for security reasons. Now that they’ve made the leap, keeping that on-prem Hadoop gear on the floor and fed with specialized people and tooling looks even less attractive. But oh, the years of investment. And worse, the interminable petabyte-scale pain in the arse of migration with its downtime and change.”-- The Next Platform 

If your organization is still struggling with poor analytical performance, high costs and complexity, 2022 could  be your year to finally dump Hadoop for good.

Watch our recent webinar on replacing Hadoop with SingleStore.

In just one hour you have a clear roadmap of how you can effectively move workloads off of Hadoop, and how SingleStore can deliver the performance you need —at far lower costs.  Plus, you’ll learn more about how industry leaders like Comcast, Kellogg’s and a Tier 1 wealth management firm have made the move.

SingleStore’s Field CTO, Rick Negrin, and I recently hosted an information-packed webinar,  “Augmenting or Replacing Hadoop with SingleStore.” It’s a detailed dive into why leading organizations are augmenting or replacing their Hadoop infrastructure with SingleStore to achieve analytics results up to 1000x faster, at 60% lower costs and with zero complexity.

We start with a review of what Hadoop is and isn’t  ideal for, and some of key challenges with the Hadoop-based architectures.  Then we jump into an overview of SingleStore, and organizations use it as the modern data platform to replace Hadoop. SingleStore delivers parallel streaming data ingestion, super low-latency queries and high concurrency to help you process, analyze and act on petabytes of data instantly.

AFTER: Example of Hadoop Augmentation/ Replacement Architecture with SingleStore

With SingleStore you can ingest millions of events per second with ACID transactions using SingleStore Pipelines, while simultaneously delivering blazing-fast SQL queries on billions of rows of data to deliver analytical performance that is up to 1000x faster than Hadoop. And best of all, customers can deploy SingleStore anywhere — on-premises, in the cloud on AWS, Azure or GCP, or in a hybrid mode.

Watch the webinar to learn more about how SingleStore can effectively augment or replace your Hadoop infrastructure to better  power business-critical applications and analytics. We go deeper into:

  • Technology mapping and comparison of capabilities between Hadoop and SingleStore
  • Key architecture patterns for augmenting and/or replacing your Hadoop installations
  • Three customer case studies on how Comcast, Kellogg’s and a Tier 1 wealth management firm have migrated from Hadoop to SingleStore to drive 100-1000x faster insights

The numbers are true. Watch the webinar to see how your organization can get started on the path to achieving exponential improvements over Hadoop today.  Keep up with our latest news on Twitter @SingleStoreDB.