Revolutionizing eCommerce Analytics: Unveiling the Power of SingleStore Kai™ on a MongoDB® Application

In today's landscape, modern applications —whether consumer-facing or SaaS-based — span diverse sectors including adtech, martech, logistics, gaming and beyond.

Revolutionizing eCommerce Analytics: Unveiling the Power of SingleStore Kai™ on a MongoDB® Application

These applications operate within a real-time, data-intensive environment, where vast volumes of data are generated daily. The challenge lies in harnessing this data, enabling users to effectively derive meaningful insights from data.

SingleStore Kai™ is a powerful solution designed to address common pain points associated with data growth in applications. One of the standout features of SingleStore Kai is its ability to integrate seamlessly with existing MongoDB® applications, providing high-speed, advanced analytics capabilities — without the need for complex data migrations or code changes.

Let's delve into the end-to-end experience of leveraging SingleStore Kai’s capabilities using a demo application built on MongoDB.

about-the-single-store-kai-e-store-demo-applicationAbout the SingleStore Kai eStore demo application

The SingleStore Kai eStore is a simple eCommerce application built on MongoDB. Like in a NoSQL world, entities like orders and products are modeled as JSON documents. The app is currently configured to run on an M30 MongoDB database, and the application has synthetic data of around 2 million orders from a few users on sample products.

Like many modern applications, Kai eStore requires both transactional and analytical capabilities from its database. While users engage in typical transactional queries like browsing, filtering and making purchases, analytical queries power features like showcasing trending products and offering personalized recommendations based on past purchases.

MongoDB excels as a transactional database, facilitating fast point reads and writes. However when it comes to analytical queries, MongoDB falls short — resulting in queries that take too long to load. This shortfall in performance directly impacts smooth user experiences.

Additionally, the app also has an analytics dashboard designed for business admins to analyze sales, identify trends and assess purchase patterns. This also lacks interactivity and suffers from slow loading times, hampering the real-time analytics experience.

slow-in-app-analytics-leverage-single-store-kai-with-zero-etl-and-zero-code-changesSlow in-app analytics? Leverage SingleStore Kai with zero ETL and zero code changes

You can turbocharge your analytics capabilities with SingleStore Kai without any hassle. No need to tweak or flatten your MongoDB document structure or rewrite your app's code. Setup a zero-ETL replication of data from MongoDB to SingleStore, and point your application to the new connection string of SingleStore Kai.

You can see this in action in the eStore — click "unlock the power" and provide your SingleStore Kai connection string. The app sets up a real-time replication to your SingleStore workspace from MongoDB, and connects to it to run the queries. The app displays the results of the queries side-by-side for easy comparison.

The lightning-fast CDC from MongoDB is powered by SingleStore's native pipelines. This eliminates the need to set up additional infrastructure for data replication thus providing great ease of use and avoiding additional costs.

witness-the-power-of-ultra-fast-analytics-on-your-mongo-db-dataWitness the power of ultra-fast analytics on your MongoDB data

With the data replication complete, you can see a significant improvement in query performance with SingleStore Kai. The same queries are now pointed there,  where you can see up to 50-100x performance improvement on some queries. And if you run any queries again, you will notice subsequent queries take much less time due to query plan caching. In fact, we’ve seen up to 1,000x improvements in performance — you can see more in our benchmarks here.

It may seem like magic, but it's all thanks to the innovative optimizations built into the storage and query execution engine of SingleStore — and the superfast proxy layer of SingleStore Kai that translates MongoAPI to SQL and vice versa.

This scenario is an example of the augmentation model, where you can leverage SingleStore for analytical requirements while still using MongoDB for transactional purposes. The CDC replication keeps both data stores in sync. Alternatively, you have the option to fully replace MongoDB with SingleStore for both transactional and analytical needs.

With superior analytical performance on even the most  complex aggregations, SingleStore Kai gives you the flexibility to build features in your app, making it more powerful than ever.

get-startedGet started

SingleStore Kai is available and integrated into SingleStore Helios cloud:   it’s free to use, easy to set up, quick to migrate data and simple to run queries and commands directly in the cloud portal. To try out the SingleStore Kai eStore yourself, activate your free trial and receive $600 in cloud credits!

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