The Need for Speed Webinar: Take Big Data Real-Time


Mark Horton

Director of Product Marketing at SingleStore

The Need for Speed Webinar: Take Big Data Real-Time

“The trickiest part of speeding up a program is not doing it, but deciding whether it’s worth doing at all,” says Carlos Bueno, a former Facebook engineer and award-winning author of the Mature Optimization Handbook. He’s now a senior engineer at SingleStore, helping to create in-memory database solutions that create significant value by leveraging Big Data analytics.

Carl Wright, a former CSO/CTO of the United States Marine Corps, will join Carlos as they discuss how in-memory technologies are changing the Big Data landscape and processing data faster than ever before. In-memory solutions like SingleStore allow companies to manage Big Data in real-time, something that out-of-date disk-based storage systems simply cannot provide.

Join us on Thursday, December 12 at 10am PST as these two experts explore the following topics:

  • Flexibility and incremental scale-out that allow you to grow your platform according to volume and performance needs.
  • Agile responsiveness to act on changes to your business environment faster than traditional data warehouses allow.
  • SQL + JSON to enable real-time analytics on data feeds of variable structure.

Learn how you can unleash the full potential of Big Data for your business by consuming and returning data instantly.

Join us on the 12th!