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We live in a data-intensive world, where real-time experiences are everything. Join us
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Join the Real-Time Revolution with SingleStore

Join us for sessions that amplify how you win in the data-intensive era, featuring:

Product Demos & Deep Dives

Get an exclusive look at the latest product features coming to SingleStoreDB, and see them in action with live demos.

Chats With Industry Experts

Hear from leading players in fintech, cybersecurity, IOT and more on how they build — and supercharge — their data-intensive applications.

Live Session Q&A

We’re answering your questions on all things data, so you get an in-the-moment perspective.

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Get live demos, a first look at new product features, fireside thought-leadership chats and more.

Keynote & Main Session
10:00am PDT
/ 1:00pm EDT

Keynote & Main Session

HOSTED BY Raj Verma, CEO at SingleStore

We’ve passed a tipping point in cloud data. We know where we’re headed next, and we know there’s no going back now. Kick off [r]evolution 2022 with:

  • Keynote: The Real-Time Revolution with CEO Raj Verma
  • Product Keynote: What’s New and What’s Next for SingleStoreDB with SVP, Engineering Shireesh Thota, and VP, Product Management Yatharth Gupta
  • Product Demos with the Launch Pad Team: SingleStoreDB in Action, Wasm Extensibility, Workspaces, Data API
Developers and Engineers - Breakout Session A
11:00am PDT
/ 2:00pm EDT

Developers and Engineers - Breakout Session A

HOSTED BY Adam Prout, CTO at SingleStore

In this breakout session for developers, architects and engineers, CTO and co-founder Adam Prout will take you on an under-the-hood guided tour of SingleStoreDB and its architectural design. This hour includes:

  • Keynote: Building a Database for Real-Time Applications with CTO Adam Prout
  • Datahacks: 10 New Toys for Developers with Director of Product Management Eric Hanson
  • A Deeper Look at Workspaces with SingleStore Engineer Luis Neves
  • A Deeper Look at Code Engine powered by Wasm with SingleStore Engineer Peter Vetere
  • Powering real-time analytics with SingleStoreDB and dbt
  • Partner Showcase: Breaking Data Barriers to Machine Learning with Jorge Torres, CEO MindsDB
IT and Business Leaders - Breakout Session B
11:00am PDT
/ 2:00pm EDT

IT and Business Leaders - Breakout Session B

HOSTED BY Oliver Schabenberger, Chief Innovation Officer at SingleStore

In this breakout session for IT and business professionals, SingleStore’s Chief Innovation Officer Oliver Schabenberger will share, how to build a framework for measuring digital maturity and resilience. This session features:

  • Keynote: Data-Intensive Applications in Action with Chief Innovation Officer Oliver Schabenberger
  • Partner Showcase: IBM Data Fabric with Chris Zobler, Vice President of Sales, Data and AI, Americas
  • Case Study: IoT & Cybersecurity Customer Showcase with Arcules and Nucleus Security
  • Industry Perspective: A Fireside Chat with Founder and Editor of the Cloud Database Report, John Foley
  • Customer Panel: Powering Modern Data-Intensive Applications with Siemens and Impact
  • Fintech (r)evolution Customer Showcase with Bitwyre and Digital Asset Research
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Featured Speakersfeatured-speakers

Hear from industry leaders, gain insights and expand your global network.

Dendi Suhubdy - CEO<br />Bitwyre
Dendi Suhubdy


Amy Chen - Partner Engineering Manager<br />dbt
Amy Chen

Partner Engineering Manager

Jorge Torres - CEO and Co-founder<br />MindsDB
Jorge Torres

CEO and Co-founder

Chris Zobler - Vice President of Sales - Data + AI<br />IBM Data Fabric
Chris Zobler

Vice President of Sales - Data + AI
IBM Data Fabric

Scott Kuffer - Co-Founder & COO<br />Nucleus Security
Scott Kuffer

Co-Founder & COO
Nucleus Security

Benjamin Rowe - Cloud and Security Architect<br />Arcules
Benjamin Rowe

Cloud and Security Architect

John Foley - Founder & Editor<br />Cloud Database Report
John Foley

Founder & Editor
Cloud Database Report

Christoph Malassa - Head of Analytics & Intelligence Solutions<br />Siemens
Christoph Malassa

Head of Analytics & Intelligence Solutions

Mauricio Aristizabal - Principal Data Architect<br />Impact
Mauricio Aristizabal

Principal Data Architect

Domenic Ravita - VP, Product Marketing & Developer Relations <br />SingleStore
Domenic Ravita

VP, Product Marketing & Developer Relations

Michelle Sarginson - Director, Integrated Marketing<br />SingleStore
Michelle Sarginson

Director, Integrated Marketing

Shireesh Thota - SVP, Engineering<br />SingleStore
Shireesh Thota

SVP, Engineering

Carl Sverre - Sr. Director, Engineering<br />SingleStore
Carl Sverre

Sr. Director, Engineering

Bailey Hayes - Principal Software Engineer<br />SingleStore
Bailey Hayes

Principal Software Engineer

Micah Bhakti - Director of Product Management<br />SingleStore
Micah Bhakti

Director of Product Management

Julie Price - Senior Product Manager<br />SingleStore
Julie Price

Senior Product Manager

Yatharth Gupta - VP, Product Management<br />SingleStore
Yatharth Gupta

VP, Product Management

Pete Vetere - Sr. Software Engineer<br />SingleStore
Pete Vetere

Sr. Software Engineer

Luis Neves - Sr. Software Engineer<br />SingleStore
Luis Neves

Sr. Software Engineer

Eric Hanson - Director of Product Management<br />SingleStore
Eric Hanson

Director of Product Management

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