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Step 1

Jump in with the SingleStore Playground

Our SQL Query playground taps into the unified power of transactional and analytical workloads, giving you the chance to take a test drive. With several preloaded datasets and sample queries, you’ll get a first-hand look at the real-time power of SingleStore. Just click the link and give it a shot — no sign up required.
Explore the SingleStore Playground
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SingleStore Playground
Step 2

Unleash the power of real-time marketing analytics

Watch SingleStore serve up promotions to millions of simulated subscribers based on real-time location , purchase and request history in mere seconds. Then grab the code and build your own app.
Watch Demo
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GitHub Repo
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SingleStore Digital Marketing Demo
Step 3

Explore our Free Shared Tier

Get the performance and ease of use you love in SingleStore for all your workloads, completely free.
SingleStore Helios Trial
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SingleStore Helios tutorial
Step 4

Create a full-stack app with React and SingleStore in 3 mins

That’s less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee! Our tool configures everything so you can spend more time on implementation, and less time on development.
GitHub Repo
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Watch Video
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SingleStore and React
Step 5

Spin up SingleStore on Docker in 10 mins

That’s less time than it takes to fold laundry! Run SingleStore on your laptop for demos, software testing and developer productivity.
Blog Post
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SingleStore and Docker
Step 5

Book a benchmark test, get a swag bag

Gauge application speed using your data, in your environment with our benchmark and field test kit. Book a session today, and we’ll send you a SingleStore swag bag.
Schedule my benchmark test
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Singlestore Swag Bag