New SingleStore Release Extends Security and Amazon S3 Ingest Capabilities

Advanced security offering delivers consistent security models for on-premises and cloud deployments

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Apr 13, 2017 - SingleStore, provider of the fastest database platform for real-time analytics, today announced an updated SingleStore release that includes an advanced security option with extended enterprise security features. The update also includes new high performance ingest capabilities for Amazon S3 cloud storage with exactly-once semantics.

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The latest release provides enterprises a real-time data warehouse with the operational strength of a front-line data platform delivering advanced security, performance and high availability. The new advanced security option added to SingleStore includes auditing and support for GSSAPI, the IETF standard for strong encrypted authentication of network-based applications, and SAML 2.0 for single sign-on (SSO). The new auditing feature provides greater visibility into database changes for more granular diagnostics.

The added capabilities deliver broad security compatibility across on-premises and cloud environments with a single consistent model. The new auditing and expanded authentication protocols, along with existing encryption and Role Based Access Control (RBAC) features, deliver comprehensive protection against internal and external events for customer critical data.

“As enterprises transition their on-premises applications to the cloud they must maintain existing security models with their existing standards,” said Nikita Shamgunov, co-founder and CTO, SingleStore. “When it comes to database and data warehouse security and the transition to the cloud, customers can now maintain a single consistent security model across multi-cloud, on-premises, infrastructure-as-a-service, or managed cloud deployment.”

As more enterprises take advantage of Amazon S3 for cloud object storage, there is a growing need for fast consistent data ingest coming directly from S3. SingleStore Pipelines makes use of S3 data with scalable high speed ingestion and exactly-once semantics required for real-time analytics.

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