Agile Platform Is Now A SingleStore Value-Added Partner

Distributor Strengthens The Single Database for All Data-Intensive Applications’ Position in South Korea and Beyond

South Korea - February 17, 2021 - The coronavirus pandemic prompted radical changes in the domestic and foreign business environment. In an effort to survive this turbulent time, many companies initiated big data and cloud transformation projects, highlighting the fact that digital transformation has become an indispensable element of business and not just a concept.

Blockchain is one technology that’s enabling digital transformation, and it is an infinitely competitive space. Sendsquare, which has a unique position in this environment, is providing its FLETA blockchain platform to the South Korean government’s National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA). FLETA, which has been applied to commercial services targeting 150 countries, provides fast transaction processing, flexible scalability, and affordable transaction fees.

Following real-world performance and availability tests, the FLETA project recently replaced its database with the SingleStore platform in preparation for a rapid increase in concurrent users and read/write transaction processing on the main blockchain network (mainnet).

Hong Jong-ho, CEO of Sendsquare, the operator of FLETA, said, “We decided to implement SingleStore because it can provide services to all DApps on the FLETA mainnet in real time through its high-performance processing capability.”

DApps are decentralized applications. Among the currently available FLETA DApps services is HandyPick, a quiz reward service. More than 100,000 subscribers used HandyPick within two weeks of its launch. SingleStoreDB was indispensable in enabling Sendsquare to accommodate this explosive growth in subscribers and transactions.

"We could easily solve the performance problems that existing NoSQL databases couldn’t address by employing the SQL-based SingleStoreDB, which uses both in-memory and disk method," added Jung Soo-min, head of the development department at Sendsquare.

Han Jeong-hee, CEO of Agile Platform Co., Ltd., a value-added partner in South Korea, said that SingleStoreDB is the best solution to accommodate real-time business requirements for companies such as Sendsquare by addressing all types of data and workloads. He added that SingleStoreDB is also the ideal platform to help power Agile’s myData, which has attracted the attention of many financial companies and fintech companies. SingleStoreDB is a SQL database that enables simplification by eliminating the need for separate data warehouse and big data platforms.

Gaurav Dhall, vice president of the Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) and Middle East regions and managing director of India at SingleStore, The Single Database for All Data-Intensive Applications for cloud-native modern applications, said, “Given that Asia Pacific's database market is growing faster than that of any continent, this introduction of SingleStore is very meaningful. In addition, Korea – which has significant IT infrastructure, a high-level internet network, and global companies – has a very important position for SingleStore in the future. Agile Platform is one of SingleStore’s major value-added partners, and its data-related consulting and licensing sales for cloud and on-premises deployments are growing fast. Agile Platform is expanding its coverage – in South Korea and beyond – for companies that need real-time transactions and analysis through the very simple and powerful SingleStore platform.”

The SingleStore unified database enables fast analytics on any data, anywhere to support organizations’ analytics and customer experiences. This distributed SQL database supports transactions and analytics; handles structured, unstructured and semi-structured data; and works in public clouds, on-premises environments and hybrid deployments.

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