SingleStore Spotlights Digital Transformation with Complimentary Gartner Research

SingleStore Launches Comprehensive Research Perspective featuring Gartner Analysis on New Big Data and Analytics Trends

San Francisco, CA - June 8, 2016 - SingleStore, provider of the fastest database platform for real-time analytics, today announced the availability of a new research perspective titled, "Digital Transformation is Driving New Data and Analytics Trends". The detailed perspective features complimentary research from Gartner, including a report titled, "100 Data and Analytics Predictions Through 2020", as well as the Gartner Database Magic Quadrant and the Gartner Data Warehouse Magic Quadrant. There are several critical factors shaping today’s business landscape, such as widespread adoption of mobile technology and an increase in data volumes from sensors and applications. This perspective explores these catalysts as they relate to real-time data processing and analytics.

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The exemplary research from Gartner showcases the following topics:

  • The Digital Enterprise
    • Explore megatrends like the Internet of Things and how “fast access to trusted data” is driving a new set of enterprise requirements. Discover data on IT spending by vertical industry to see where the biggest opportunities lie
  • In-Memory Computing
    • Digital business has an inexhaustible demand for performance. Understand how Gartner frames the in-memory computing market including a deeper look into in-memory databases
  • Hybrid Transaction Analytics Processing and the Magic Quadrant Perspective
    • Explore the Database Magic Quadrant and the Data Warehouse Magic Quadrant, and see which 5 companies appear on the right side of both
  • Data and Analytics
    • Understand industry directions with a comprehensive look at 100 Data and Analytics Predictions Through 2020
  • Database Deployments
    • Learn how Gartner views future deployments for hybrid cloud, the decline of database appliances, and emerging technology trends that create opportunities for database cost optimization

According to Gartner,

With the shift to digital, business leaders now recognize that the way they use information is critical to improving business outcomes. Using information effectively is vital to support digital business innovation and fully exploit the Internet of Things (IoT). However, information infrastructure in most companies is inadequate and can't support what the business needs in order to grow and innovate.

Digital transformation will affect all industries, however markets will evolve individually. For example, retail is dominated by a shift to e-commerce platforms in need of fast data processing. Manufacturing and energy companies natural resources benefit from the approaching ubiquity of devices and sensors to assess and analyze production in real-time. Expect little to be left alone by macro forces of digitization.

- Predicts 2016: Evolving Information Infrastructure Technologies and Approaches Bring New Challenges, Published: 1 December 2015, G00279645, Analyst(s): Ted Friedman, Roxane Edjlali, Guido De Simoni, Adam M. Ronthal, Nick Heudecker, Merv Adrian, Bill O'Kane, Mark A. Beyer, Donald Feinberg

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