Infiswift Manages Real-Time and Historical Data for IoT Systems with SingleStore

Transmitting data in microseconds, infiswift delivers near real-time insights to its customers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - January 16, 2018 - SingleStore, provider of the fastest real-time data warehouse, today announced that infiswift, an Internet of Things (IoT) platform and solution provider, has deployed SingleStore to achieve high throughput and real-time insights on IoT data for its customers.

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Infiswift simplifies and enhances the operation of physical things by ingesting data from IoT devices to optimize equipment using insights from the data collected. As more devices connect to the internet and collect data, analyzing that data becomes a monumental challenge for companies.

“Our customers lead their industries with the implementation of IoT solutions,” said Jay Srinivasan, Senior Director of Engineering at infiswift. “For these solutions to be successful, we need to analyze data extremely quickly to form insights and often take automated action. SingleStore was the only solution that could meet both our real-time and historical data requirements to provide full data availability and access for our IoT platform.”

Serving customers in industries such as renewable energy, agriculture, and manufacturing, infiswift uses data to build solutions that improve equipment reliability and optimize operations. IoT systems potentially have access to millions of devices that generate streaming data. For some equipment, a single event may prove critical to understanding and responding to the health of the machine in real time, increasing the importance of accurate and reliable data.

The infiswift team needed a database platform that could handle the scale of ingesting and analyzing millions of events in real time. After several technology evaluations, the team chose SingleStore for various factors, including:

  • Rowstore and Columnstore Flexibility for Optimal Performance
  • Scalable Transactions
  • Relational SQL
  • Compression

“Fast data is the center of success for real-time applications,” said Nikita Shamgunov, CEO and Co-Founder of SingleStore. “The work infiswift does showcases what is possible when you combine powerful analytics with a high performance IoT platform.”

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