New SingleStore 5 Release Achieves Breakthrough Analytics Performance

Kellogg Company demonstrates power of SingleStore 5 for eliminating data latency at Strata+Hadoop World San Jose

San Francisco, CA - March 30, 2016 - SingleStore, the leader in real-time databases for transactions and analytics, today announced the release of SingleStore 5, delivering breakthrough performance on database, data warehouse, and streaming workloads. SingleStore 5 removes data latency barriers across queries, enabling real-time analytics so businesses can anticipate problems before they occur and adapt to changes as they happen. In the race to the digital enterprise, companies must move as fast as the world changes. SingleStore 5 makes that possible.

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The Digital Economy

The business landscape is going through an extreme cultural shift. Companies that can adapt and learn in real time will thrive while those that cannot will fade. Built on the mature, enterprise-ready, distributed SingleStore database, SingleStore 5 ushers in a new era of capturing and querying data simultaneously for real-time analytics. Companies benefit by ingesting and serving critical workloads simultaneously, and enabling interactivity on live data for the most popular Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Combining BI tools with an operational database provides a window into business as it happens, accurate to the last transaction.

“A real-time dashboard is no longer simply a competitive advantage, it is an absolute necessity,” said Eric Frenkiel, CEO and co-founder, SingleStore. “Enterprises achieving peak performance have their finger on the pulse of real-time data to win in the digital economy. With SingleStore 5, we help companies innovate, make every moment work for them, and pave the way for predictive applications.”

At Strata+Hadoop World in San Jose today, Eric Frenkiel highlights driving forces behind this growing on-demand economy and the enterprise architecture needed to thrive in it. He is joined later in a tutorial session by JR Cahill, Senior Solutions Architect at Kellogg. In addition to sharing the technology solutions in place at Kellogg today, Eric and JR will discuss the company’s approach for moving from overnight to intraday analytics for distribution optimization. The session will also cover native integration with BI tools like Tableau.

“Enterprises that adopt real-time solutions will overshadow those trapped by ETL,” said JR Cahill, Senior Solutions Architect, Kellogg. “At Kellogg, a primary mission in IT is to build a seamless platform delivering instant analytics to optimize cereal distribution nationwide. SingleStore 5 took us from a 24-hour process to one in under an hour. That time saved goes directly to the bottom line.”

From Datacenter to Cloud

Modern databases should meet hybrid cloud requirements. SingleStore 5 delivers unprecedented flexibility from datacenter to cloud through multi-cloud and on-premises deployments. With design architectures for high availability, disaster recovery, and cloud independence, users have the agility to fulfill hybrid cloud strategies for peak database performance.

Modernizing BI

SingleStore 5 sets a new standard for how enterprises use BI tools, allowing for full granularity that brings data to life. The in-memory capabilities of SingleStore transform BI data access by enabling interactivity on live data for Tableau, Zoomdata, Looker, and other BI solutions, in ways that traditional databases simply cannot.

“SingleStore shares our mission to help people see and understand their data,” said Dan Kogan, Director Product Marketing, Tableau. “SingleStore 5 will help to bring advanced query performance and real-time analytics to our customers.”

“As the pace of business accelerates, businesses increasingly need to see and analyze information in real time” said Nick Halsey, Chief Marketing Officer, Zoomdata. “Zoomdata’s Smart Connectors are optimized for the SingleStore database, and with the query advancements in SingleStore 5, we can hasten our customers’ access to real-time and historical data.”

"Organizations’ employees today now expect access to data instantaneously, in real time, to make the most informed data driven decisions," said Keenan Rice, Vice President Alliances, Looker. "With SingleStore 5, Looker can now offer companies a powerful BI and data discovery platform, accessing and transforming data as it is collected. This speed provides governed decision making, zero latency data, and democratized access to find your own insights in any type of data."

SingleStore 5 Technology Highlights:

  • New LLVM-based code generation architecture: SingleStore 5 delivers deterministic, low-latency query compilation and maximum performance for interactive data exploration through an advanced LLVM-based SingleStore Byte Code Compilation Architecture.
  • Breakthrough analytics performance: perform real-time queries under heavy write load with SingleStore for stellar results. Merge transactions and analytics into a single database through Hybrid Transaction/Analytical Processing (HTAP) with concurrent support for OLTP and OLAP queries.
  • Streamliner: with one-click deployment of integrated Apache Spark through SingleStore Streamliner, users can create real-time data pipelines through a graphical UI and eliminate batch ETL.
  • PAM-based authentication: SingleStore 5 includes Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) based authentication with tools like Kerberos for advanced security.

“Big data now powers new markets, driving more value for business intelligence dashboards, and making insights actionable. Forward-thinking organizations use real-time data to power emerging digital platforms. This proficiency will set leading companies ahead and CxOs should look for vendors that enable these key capabilities,” noted Holger Mueller, VP and principal analyst, Constellation Research.

Strata+Hadoop World

SingleStore will showcase SingleStore 5 at Strata+Hadoop World 2016 on March 30 at the San Jose Convention Center. Attend one of following talks or visit SingleStore booth #1019 for more details.

Driving the On-Demand Economy with Predictive Analytics

Keynote featuring Eric Frenkiel, CEO and co-founder, SingleStore
9:10am-9:15am on Wednesday, March 30, Grand Ballroom 220

Dash forward: From Descriptive to Predictive Analytics with Apache Spark
Plus End-User Feature with JR Cahill, Senior Solutions Architect, Kellogg

11:00am-11:40am Wednesday, March 30, 210 B/F


SingleStore 5 is available today at Users can choose from the community edition which has unlimited scale and capacity, or the enterprise edition which also includes high availability, security, and support.

SingleStore licenses software based on the cluster RAM capacity. Customer installations range from gigabytes to terabytes of memory. With the SingleStore columnstore, SSD or disk-storage is free.

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