SingleStore Enables Enterprises to Compare Real-Time Data Against Historical Trends

New Features Enable Easy Exploration at Real-Time Speeds on Large Data Sets with the Fastest Ingestion and Analytical Query Capabilities Available

SAN FRANCISCO, June 19, 2013 - SingleStore, the leader in real-time analytics, today announced the upcoming availability of SingleStore 2.1, which includes new features and enhancements to enable customers to access, explore and increase the value of data, regardless of size or file format. As organizations amass increasing amounts of data, maximizing the value of each data type is key. To meet these demands, SingleStore updated its analytics platform to enable customers to unleash the full potential of Big Data and receive real-time results on analytical queries across both real-time and historical data sets.

"For years, organizations have been bogged down loading data in batches sacrificing real-time analytical capabilities. With SingleStore, it’s now possible to consume real-time events and simultaneously compare that against historical operational data sets. Moreover, the ability to load data stored as flat files on disk into memory has created an ideal experimentation platform by dramatically increasing query performance," said Eric Frenkiel, CEO. "From ingestion to exploration, SingleStore makes deployment simple, increasing reliability and, most importantly, delivering increased value from the data to customers. We are changing the world of Big Data for the better by redefining the in-memory real-time distributed database market, and this product update is yet another proof point."

As the speed at which data is analyzed increases, so does the quality of insight. To increase competitive advantage, organizations must access, explore and attain the greatest value possible from their data. With a real-time database, users can access and explore data instantly, greatly appreciating the value of the data itself. SingleStore is the only database that allows companies to manage the velocity of Big Data transactions without sacrificing the ability to interact with and analyze all data in the system.

New and enhanced features and functionalities include:

  • Multi­threaded Load of CSV files: CSVis one of the most commonly used file formats forexchanging data between applications. Users can setupon­demand or scheduled uploads of CSV files toSingleStore, allowing them to harness the power of ain­memory distributed database for sub­second queryresponse times on hundreds of millions of rows of data;
  • Distributed Joins: The ability toperform distributed joins on tables with primary key toforeign key relationships is critical to acceleratingmany types of analyses. SingleStore 2.1 unlocks thisfunctionality to accelerate analytics use cases byallowing users to choose the column(s) on which theyshard, making SingleStore smart and flexible on schemadesign;
  • Linux-Based Package Manager: WithSingleStore 2.1, users now have the ability to download,install, and upgrade SingleStore via a package manageron major Linux distributions. Users can now easilyinstall, upgrade, and manage SingleStore using commonLinux workflows;
  • Node Management: The ability to managenodes efficiently is key in database cluster management.With SingleStore 2.1, failed nodes are more easilytracked in the SingleStore Watch dashboard and can bere­attached to the cluster without re-provisioning. Theentire experience of backing up, restoring, shuttingdown, and managing failures is optimized for DBAs.SingleStore built these features based on extensivecollaboration with DBAs to ensure its solution is theeasiest platform to manage.

“Every Big Data customer wants a solution that will grow and evolve with their changing landscape. The new features from SingleStore provide just that by opening up a variety of use cases for developers," said Mark Horton, Director, Product Marketing, SingleStore.

SingleStore’s real-time analytics platform is built on the world's fastest, most scalable in-memory database, capable of simultaneously handling real-time transactions and analytic workloads. The company’s distributed version of its database, which provides the combination of in-memory speed and a massively scalable relational DBMS, enables customers to take full advantage of real-time and historical data to make informed decisions, better engage customers, and identify competitive advantages.

For more information about SingleStore, visit SingleStore 2.1 will be available at in July 2013. You can also hear about SingleStore when CEO Eric Frenkiel speaks today at GigaOM Structure in San Francisco.

about-single-storeAbout SingleStore

SingleStore is the leader in real-time Big Data analytics, empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions, better engage customers, and gain a competitive advantage. The in-memory distributed database at the heart of SingleStore’s real-time analytics platform is proven in production environments across hundreds of nodes in the most high-velocity Big Data environments in the world. Based in San Francisco, SingleStore is a Y Combinator company funded by prominent venture capitalists and angel investors, including First Round Capital and New Enterprise Associates.

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