SingleStore Users Share Path to Real-Time Analytics At Strata+Hadoop New York

Chief Data Platform Architect from Dell Technologies Will Present Strategies for Evaluating Real-Time Technologies During SingleStore Tutorial Session

San Francisco, CA - September 21, 2016 - SingleStore, provider of the fastest database platform for real-time analytics, today announced an end-user presentation on advanced analytics at Strata+Hadoop World in New York City on September 27-29. Darryl Smith, Chief Data Platform Architect and Distinguished Engineer at Dell Technologies, will speak during a Wednesday tutorial session, sharing best practices for selecting and evaluating real-time technologies.

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Strata+Hadoop Session Details
Getting It Right Exactly Once: Principles for Streaming Architectures
Darryl Smith, Chief Data Platform Architect and Distinguished Engineer, Dell Technologies
1:15pm–1:55pm Wednesday, 09/28/2016
Location: 1 C04 / 1 C05

We are moving to real-time analytics and data scientists need a framework to evaluate and architect the right technologies. Darryl Smith, Chief Data Platform Architect and Distinguished Engineer at Dell Technologies will share tested principles so you can navigate solution choices quickly. The mission is clear: move from batch to real time. The rise of Apache Kafka and the importance of exactly- once semantics reinforces this mission.In this session, Darryl will cover:

  • Starting from the data lake, including an overview ofthe Dell Data Lake Architecture

  • The importance of real-time loading and streaming

  • Evaluating fast relational, NoSQL, and NewSQL databasesto complement the data lake

  • Bringing real-time and business critical data together

  • Rendering real-time data

  • Supporting an agile application development team

SingleStore and Dell Technologies
Dell Technologies deployed SingleStore as part of its innovation effort in building a comprehensive data management platform. With an engine designed for concurrent ingest and analytics, SingleStore provides a real-time system that complements the Dell Technologies data lake.

Customers and companies today expect personalized products and services at real-time speeds. Dell Technologies delivers these experiences internally and externally with analytics-driven applications, such as personalized dashboards for end-users and proactive monitoring of customer accounts. SingleStore is the real-time system powering live data ingest and analytics for these applications.

“The addition of SingleStore to our data lake architecture helps us stream data across numerous sources and accounts, eliminating historical latency in our data flow,” said Darryl Smith, Chief Data Platform Architect and Distinguished Engineer, Dell Technologies. “Now, we are able to provide teams with accurate information down to the latest event, and act quickly on behalf of our customers.”

SingleStore provides full SQL for universal access while maintaining maximum performance. In addition, SingleStore enables users to do distributed joins and achieve fast query processing. A distinguishing characteristic of the database platform is simultaneous ingest and analytics on fresh data. This embodies the Gartner model of HTAP: Hybrid Transaction Analytical Processing.

“SingleStore helps enterprises like Dell Technologies develop best practices for building real-time analytics capabilities,” said Eric Frenkiel, CEO and co-founder, SingleStore. “Ultimately, companies want instantaneous value from data to satisfy customer expectations, and that’s what we deliver.”

Connect with SingleStore at Strata + Hadoop World 2016 New York
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