SingleStore to Showcase Real-Time Geospatial Data for Mobile, Transportation and Logistics

LAS VEGAS, NV and SAN FRANCISCO, CA - March 30, 2015 - SingleStore (, the leader in real-time databases for transactions and analytics, today announced it will demonstrate the power of integrated geospatial data types at the Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit in Las Vegas from March 31 to April 1, 2015. The showcase, titled “Supercar,” will leverage the speed and real-time capabilities of an in-memory database combined with a visualization component to instantly display insights across a range of views.

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Real-time geospatial capabilities in SingleStore identify the geographic location and characteristics of natural or constructed features and boundaries, and the objects that reside or move within them. For mobile, transportation and logistics, having instant access to real-time geospatial data can mean greater visibility into smart device application use, fuel efficiency, global supply chains and real-time inventory management. Industries gain true competitive advantage when business-critical decisions can be made as quickly as the data is captured.

On the heels of the open data geospatial demonstration at Spark Summit East in NYC with Esri, SingleStore will showcase high volume data ingest with the concurrent ability to query a changing dataset, eliminating the challenges of conventional ETL to deliver instant results. “Supercar” tracks real-time driver demand, pickup and route information based on a real world New York City taxi dataset, demonstrating simultaneous event capture and analytics with a large scale simulated workload.

SingleStore will be at booth #119 at the Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit.

SingleStore co-founder and CEO Eric Frenkiel will be presenting, “From Spark to Ignition: Fueling Your Business on Real-Time Analytics,” at 12:30pm–12:50pm on Monday, March 30th, Theater A, Forum Ballroom.

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Supporting Quotes

“The potential for real-time geospatial capabilities to transform industries is truly exciting,” said Eric Frenkiel, co-founder and CEO of SingleStore. “SingleStore is simplifying data pipelines and real-time architectures, making it easier than ever for enterprises to move from insight to impact with geospatial data that, until now, was previously difficult to retrieve, store and process.”

"The real-time geospatial data feeds from SingleStore are amazingly fast. This is about turning streaming data into live map visualizations so decision makers can analyze and act,” said Eric Gundersen, CEO of Mapbox.

“Location is an increasingly important attribute of most data. Leveraging location has the potential to enrich a range of analytical processes and enable new ones,” noted Rita L. Sallam, Research Vice President, and Josh Parenteau, Research Director, Gartner, Inc., in Survey Analysis: Customers Rate Their BI Platform Functionality, 2014, published October 9, 2014.

about-single-storeAbout SingleStore

SingleStore is the leader in real-time databases for transactions and analytics.

As a purpose built database for instant access to real-time and historical data, SingleStore uses a familiar SQL interface and a horizontally scalable distributed architecture that runs on commodity hardware or in the cloud.

Innovative enterprises use SingleStore to better predict and react to opportunities by extracting previously untapped value in their data to drive new revenue.

SingleStore is proven in production environments across hundreds of nodes in high velocity Big Data environments.

Based in San Francisco, SingleStore is a Y Combinator company funded by prominent investors including Accel Partners, Khosla Ventures, First Round Capital and Data Collective. Follow us @SingleStoreDB or visit at

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