SAS and SingleStore Deliver Next-Generation Data and Analytics Architecture

SAS Viya with SingleStore will simplify data access, improve productivity and expand analytical insights

CARY, NC (August 22, 2022) – Analytics leader SAS has joined forces with SingleStore to help organizationsremove barriers to data access, maximize performance and scalability, and uncover key data-driven insights.SAS® Viya® with SingleStore enables the use of SAS analytics and AI technology on data stored in SingleStore’scloud-native real-time database. The integration provides flexible, open access to curated data to help acceleratevalue for cloud, hybrid and on-premises deployments.

“The economic costs of storage and infrastructure, as well as the complexity of data integration and manualprocessing, often obstruct today’s technology leaders from making decisions quickly and effectively,” said CarlOlofson, Research Vice President of Data Management Software at IDC. “By moving more intelligencecapabilities closer to their data, organizations can greatly improve productivity and performance, reduce economiccosts and accelerate data-driven decisions.”

Through SingleStore’s data compression and SAS’ analytic performance, the companies aim to reduce thecomplexity of data management and integration, as well as the computational time required to train sophisticatedmodels.

“For many organizations, getting value out of analytics, machine learning and AI is often associated withcomplexity, extended timelines and significant costs,” said Bryan Harris, Chief Technology Officer at SAS. “I’mexcited to introduce the next generation of analytic architecture, SAS Viya with SingleStore, that is hyper-focusedon addressing each of these challenges. This integration delivers a game-changing set of capabilitiesthat simplifies and accelerates the iterative data and analytics loops – ultimately giving our customers acompetitive advantage in the market.”

The integration of SAS Viya with SingleStore enables the advanced AI and machine learning analytics of SAS tobe executed directly against relational database tables in SingleStore. By delivering this capability, SAS andSingleStore will considerably reduce customers’ technical debt of duplicative data stores, helping improve analyticworkload performance and ultimately uncover key competitive advantages.

“The integration of SingleStore’s hybrid, multi-cloud database into the parallel analytics engine, SAS Viya, willdramatically improve performance, reduce cost, and enable real-time applications for organizations. Personally, itis a privilege to partner with the company that practically invented analytics, AI and ML. I have long admired SASin terms of its technology, culture and leadership, and to partner with them as they reinvent the space is both anhonor and an exciting opportunity. ” said Raj Verma, CEO of SingleStore.

In December 2020, SingleStore announced a strategic relationship with SAS. SAS Viya with SingleStore is nowavailable and more information can be found at and

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