SingleStore Achieves the AWS Generative AI Competency

Real-time data platform recognized in the category of Infrastructure and Data

SAN FRANCISCO (March 6, 2024) – SingleStore, the data platform that allows you to transact, analyze and contextualize data in real time, today announced it has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Generative AI Competency in the category of Infrastructure and Data. This specialization recognizes SingleStore as an AWS Partner that helps customers and the AWS Partner Network (APN) drive the advancement of services, tools and infrastructure pivotal for implementing generative AI technologies.


Achieving the AWS Generative AI Competency differentiates SingleStore as an AWS Partner that has demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success supporting customer pain points and boosting customer experience. SingleStore possesses the experience and expertise demonstrated through successful projects addressing customer challenges using generative AI solutions. These solutions enable digital transformation strategies for augmenting the customer experience, delivering hyper-personalized and engaging content, streamlining workflows and delivering actionable results powered by generative AI technology from AWS.


“The number one goal for SingleStore in 2024 is to continue to not only keep up with AI on its speedy ascent, but also to exceed the expectations of our customers in regard to generative AI,” said Madhukar Kumar, CMO, SingleStore. “We’re excited to achieve the AWS Generative AI Competency at launch and know this will allow us to leverage AWS to provide our customers with the tools they need to succeed.”


The AWS Competency Program aims to assist customers in connecting with AWS Partners who possess extensive knowledge and technical expertise in using AWS technologies and best practices to adopt generative AI. These AWS Partners facilitate the seamless integration and deployment of AWS-based solutions to meet the unique needs of all customers, from startups to global enterprises.


SingleStore has established a longstanding relationship with AWS, offering a real-time data platform tailored for operational analytics and AI/ML-driven applications that demand rapid data ingestion, high-performance queries and scalable operations. The SingleStore Managed Service, a fully managed, on-demand and elastic Hybrid Transactional and Analytics (HTAP) database, is effortlessly deployable within AWS. Moreover, SingleStore can be implemented on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances, within a customer-provided virtual private cloud (VPC) or a newly created VPC. AWS enriches SingleStore's offerings with a range of valuable services including Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK), AWS Glue and Amazon EMR, as well as Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Bedrock to enable companies to build production-ready generative AI applications and services. These services facilitate real-time analytics across both streaming and historical data, enable the development and operation of machine learning models and empower the delivery of cutting-edge generative AI applications.


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