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SingleStore Database Software (all editions, including Enterprise and Developer Edition)

TitleApp. Ser. No.Publication No.
Query Routing in a Distributed Database System13/754,4119,135,310
Distributed Query Cache in a Database System13/754,3719,141,678
Reusing Existing Query Plans in a Database System13/754,3339,317,552
Durability Implementation Plan in an In-memory Database System13/754,3019,223,805
Fast Incremental Column Store Data Loading15/149,1552017-0046394
Bushy Joins to Improve Computer Efficiency Executing Queries15/352,1312017/0147647 A1
Atomic Clustering Operations for Managing a Partitioned Cluster Online15/224,5042017/0091301 A1
Pipelines62/399,965, 15/714,9832018-0089276
Code Generation II (Extensibility in a Database System)15/457,6882018-0260196
Code Generation I15/474,7872018-0260437
Group by/Count(*) Technology62/593,7672019-0171634
Join Performance Improvement15/987,7372019-0362026
Bitmap Filter, a Method of Using a Bitmap Filter to Perform a Join2019800342014112204540 A
BIPie Filters16/366,704Not Yet Published
SKYNET: log file, replication, BLOB16/382,017Not Yet Published
Single Store16/579,393Not Yet Published
Code Generation (III) - Interpret First/Codegen Improvement16/669,683Not Yet Published