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SQL or NoSQL in the Age of Big Data

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This report explores the role of two popular database types, SQL and NoSQL, in big data. Readers will find original research, interviews with industry experts, and additional resources, along with helpful tips, best practices, and more.

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The State of SQL vs. NoSQL for Big Data
As big data has gone mainstream, different trends have emerged in the use of each database type.
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What’s Next for SQL vs. NoSQL
ML, AI, and other emerging technologies are changing the way big data is collected, stored, and analyzed.
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Key Advice for Effective Database Management
George Lumpkin, VP of Product Management at Oracle, discusses database trends, emerging big data technologies, and his advice to developers in 2020.
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A Look at How One SingleStore Customer Leverages Real-Time Analytics
True Digital utilizes SingleStore to power its TracePulse app, tracking social distancing metrics in real time to help prevent new outbreaks of COVID-19 in Thailand.

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See how the use of SQL and NoSQL databases is evolving to support efforts by businesses to course-correct in the big data era.
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