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In this report, RTInsights provides a recommended framework outlining the data infrastructure to support real-time analytics and AI/ML-powered applications for industrial IoT. Learn how streaming data, ultra-fast decisions, and predictive maintenance offer competitive advantages for manufacturers, transportation, oil and gas, and other heavy industries. See how to deploy these new capabilities with relative ease using the latest data and analytics tools.

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The Business Value of IoT
Cut costs, accelerate time to market, grow revenue, and improve customer satisfaction
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Barriers to Success with IoT
Large volumes of streaming data from IoT devices require a new kind of data infrastructure
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Reference Architecture
An approach to IoT that plugs into the existing data infrastructure and analytical tools without disruption
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Operational Analytics in Action
Real-time dashboards with live data analysis to analyze IoT data in real time
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A Data Platform for Today & the Future
Combine ingest, transactions, and analysis into a single, seamlessly integrated, and easy to manage data platform

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Learn how real-time decision-making and predictive maintenance offer new advantages for industrial IoT through real-world use cases.

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