Fast Analytics in Financial Services

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SingleStore for Fast Analytics in Financial Services

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This eBook highlights how four leading financial services organizations are accelerating their speed-to-insight with fast analytics to drive some of the most compelling and mission-critical use cases today.

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Real-Time Fraud Detection
Enabling real-time fraud detection in under 50 milliseconds with a modern real-time data infrastructure.
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Modernizing the Wealth Management Experience
Delivering premium data experiences for 40,000 users requires reliable ingest and query performance under extreme market conditions.
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Smart Portfolio Management for Reduced Risk
Dramatically improve the performance of analytical engines to continuously assess risk and optimize portfolio performance, to recommended actions in real-time.
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Operational Analytics for Digital Transformation
Deliver near real-time visibility into business performance and enterprise operations across finance, support, sales, marketing, and other business functions.

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Learn more about common data infrastructure challenges faced by financial services organizations, and what these companies are doing about it.
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