Powering Modern Data Applications with SingleStoreDB

A 5-Step Guide
to Supercharging
Your SaaS Apps

Powering Modern Data Applications with SingleStoreDB

What You'll Learn in This eBookwhat-youll-learn-in-this-e-book

This eBook tells the story of three superstar application developers—Jack Ellis from Fathom Analytics, Josh Blackburn of IEX Cloud,and Gerry Morgan of DailyVest––who hit the accelerator on the analytics within their SaaS products by improving the experience and speed by 50x and giving users the thrill of their own version of ludicrous mode.

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Why SingleStore?

All of them had hit the wall with their database capabilities, learn what their challenges were.

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What You Need to Know
The 5-steps these developers consider to be critical when switching to a new database - from scoping the problem to migrating your data.
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Faster, Better, and Cheaper

The results achieved speak volumes for the SingleStore solution. Across-the-board improvements in data ingest, analysis, and processing.

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Learn how three very different SaaS firms achieve singularly great data-driven customer experience.

Powering Modern Data Applications with SingleStoreDB

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SingleStoreDB is The Real-Time Distributed SQL Database, designed for data-intensive applications.single-store-db-is-the-real-time-distributed-sql-database-designed-for-data-intensive-applications

The cloud-native operational database built for speed and scale


Accelerate business with instant insights delivered by the world’s fastest database for operational analytics


Create your future on a platform made for the demands of the data revolution, including machine learning and AI


Transform on your terms - with the familiarity and efficiency of SQL, and an architecture that bursts through limits