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Vector databases, including enterprise databases with vector capabilities, are increasingly gaining traction today as the data layer to store, process, and search vector embeddings to power diverse Gen AI use cases and applications.

According to Gartner, “Vector databases can provide long-term memory for stateless generative AI models and can boost their accuracy and reduce their hallucinations through prompt augmentation.”

SingleStore offers an enterprise-grade data platform with fast performant vector capabilities, streaming ingestion, and support for both high-performance transaction processing (OLTP) and real-time analytics (OLAP) in one distributed system to power modern AI-enriched applications.

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Key Points:

  • By 2026, more than 70% of generative artificial intelligence (AI) natural language processing (NLP) use cases for questions and answers, will leverage vector databases to “ground” the AI foundation models.

  • Popular use cases for vector databases include product recommendations, similarity search, fraud detection and generative-AI-powered, question-and-answer applications.

  • Start with cloud-based managed services to reduce operational complexity and optimize the total cost of ownership in the short term.

Gartner, Innovation Insight: Vector Databases,
Arun Chandrasekaran, Radu Miclaus, 4 September 2023.

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