In-Memory Computing Summit talk from David Abercrombie, Data Analytics Engineer at Tapjoy

About our guest, David Abercrombie:

David is a Principal Data Analytics Engineer at Tapjoy, a mobile advertising, publishing, and recommendation platform with more than 520 million active users. David’s expertise is database performance and data structure design. He is the performance engineer for Tapjoy’s real-time decision making and analytics systems based on SingleStore and Spark. He is also responsible for all aspects of Tapjoy’s business intelligence systems, from product management, support, and training to ETL, metadata architecture, database design and performance monitoring.

Watch this recording to learn:

  • How Tapjoy went from after-the-fact data analysis to real-time, including solutions and frameworks they used to get there
  • How to build a real-time data pipeline with Kafka, Spark, and SingleStore
  • How to achieve real-time performance while still using SQL
  • How to simplify data transfer and take advantage of high value data by combining OLTP and OLAP into a single database

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