SingleStoreDB Self-Managed 6.8 Overview

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SingleStoreDB Self-Managed 6.8 introduces several improvements to accelerate dashboards and ad hoc queries while providing more advanced security for HDFS pipelines. This version provides dramatically faster queries with just-in-time compilation (a key feature for ad hoc big data analytics) and works seamlessly with Kerberos security environments for HDFS. We also expanded our SQL coverage to simplify query development, and introduced Kubernetes operator support to ease operational tasks.

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  • Showcasing improved first-run query performance and how it works
  • Advanced security and performance improvements to HDFS pipelines, and how to use these new features
  • New SQL language additions in SingleStore and the types of queries they enable
  • Improved compatibility with existing database query languages (including Oracle)
  • Open Q&A with our product management team


Eric Hanson, Principal Product Manager, SingleStore

Jacky Liang, Product Manager, SingleStore

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Duration: 32 minutes
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