Time Series Data Capture & Analysis in SingleStoreDB Self-Managed 7.0

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SingleStore has a rich set of time series features, allowing you to collect and analyze time series data within your existing relational database, right alongside other data and workloads. With the 7.0 release, SingleStore has added more special-purpose features, making it even easier to manage time-series data within our best-of-breed operational database. These new features allow you to structure queries on time series data with far fewer lines of code (more than 3x less), and with less complexity.

With time series in SingleStore, we make it easy for any SQL user (regardless of expertise) to work with time series data, and make expert users even more productive.

Watch this previously recorded webinar to:

  • Learn how SingleStore supports time series workloads with fast ingest, efficient storage, and fast, expressive query
  • Learn about the new time series functions in SingleStoreDB Self-Managed 7.0 and how they can be applied to your applications
  • See how using SingleStore’s time series features can shorten your queries

Speaker: Eric Hanson, Principal Product Manager, SingleStore

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Duration: 45 minutes
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