Building a Media Analytics Solution with Looker & SingleStore

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For decades video content has been the engagement medium for consumers. Thanks to media content distribution platforms like Kollective, video delivery is reaching the enterprise. Kollective has delivered over 100 billion minutes of video content for companies like ExxonMobil, Sephora, T-Mobile, HSBC, and more.

Watch this webinar on demand we'll dive into the architecture of the Kollective media monitoring solution as well as explore the reasons why they chose SingleStore and Looker for their real-time analytics platform.

We will cover the following topics:

  • See how Kollective architected its media monitoring platform
  • Learn why Kollective chose SingleStore and Looker over alternatives
  • Understand primary advantages of SingleStore and Looker for real-time analytics
  • Watch a demonstration of Looker and SingleStore for real-time applications


  • Mike Boyarski, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, SingleStore
  • Erin Franz, Technical Alliance Manager, Looker
  • Garrett Gladden, Director of Product Management, Kollective

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