Everyone now expects to have instant, up-to-date information available through any connected device. To satisfy this demand, new techniques and technologies are required. Modern SaaS applications provide this real-time, interactive user experience as progressive web applications (PWA) composed of microservices which expose APIs as interfaces to the frontend. These microservices connect to various application databases on the backend to service the API calls. Without high-speed access to fast-changing data from the database, applications fall short of user expectations. With SingleStore Managed Service, you can converge different data objects residing in different databases into a single application database, simplifying data access, improving response time, and providing robust support of JSON documents, joins, and analytics.

See how you can leverage SingleStore Managed Service' powerful combination of capabilities to build modern SaaS applications that simplifies the data tier.

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  • Ghim-Sim Chua, Principal Product Manager
  • Domenic Ravita, Field CTO, SingleStore