Data Innovation Trends for Financial Services

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Financial services companies are on the forefront of using data to create a competitive advantage: improving customer experiences, managing risk, fighting fraud, and maximizing portfolio returns. However, competition and the pace of innovation around data are only accelerating. New applications and analytical systems are increasingly putting pressure on data infrastructure, forcing new approaches to data ingestion, processing, and response. Is your company equipped to meet these new demands?

SingleStore is used by 5 of the top 10 banks in North America to support data innovation. Tune in to this on-demand webinar to see how financial services leaders are making real-time and predictive decisions for portfolio management, risk, and fraud, all supported by the speed and flexibility of SingleStore.

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  • Learn about the fast data applications that are creating competitive advantage and the new data infrastructure required to deliver them
  • Understand the reference architectures used to power real-time applications, including how to augment and offload legacy systems, such as Oracle, Sybase/SAP, Vertica, and more
  • Get a deeper understanding of how SingleStore delivers record-breaking performance on commodity hardware, while still offering the familiarity and ease of standard SQL

Speaker: Mike Boyarski, Sr. Director Product Marketing, SingleStore

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Duration: 45 minutes
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