20x Faster Analytics through Data Warehouse Augmentation

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Enterprise Data Warehouses continue to be an effective tool for doing complex data analytics, reporting, and historical comparisons by ingesting structured, clean data from multiple sources.

However, Data Warehouses (DWs) were not built to ingest, process, and analyze today’s new fast, streaming data sources which are increasingly becoming the norm. More importantly, data warehouses struggle to deliver low-latency analytics, and do not scale cost-effectively when presented with high concurrency workloads.

Leading organizations are augmenting their data warehouses with a fast, unified, scale-out data platform such as SingleStore to dramatically improve performance, and accelerate speed of analytics by up to 10-20x.

Join us for a 45-minute interactive session, to learn more about:

  • How SingleStore enables fast analytics by augmenting leading data warehouses such as Snowflake, BigQuery, Teradata, and Amazon RedShift
  • Customer case studies highlighting how some of the industry leaders are driving 10-20x the performance through DW augmentation


  • Rick Negrin - VP, Product Management
  • Vijay Raja - Director, Product Marketing

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On-Demand Webinar
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