Deriving Real-Time Business Value from Your Data

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Deriving Real-Time Business Value from Your Data


What do  SingleStoreDB and Dresner Advisory Services' Hyper-Decisive Maturity Model (HDMM) have in common? They both help organizations make the best possible business decisions using their real-time data. 

On September 27, SingleStoreVP of Product Marketing & Developer Relations Domenic Ravita is giving you a closer look at clients like Fathom Analytics, GE and Siemens — all of whom use both SingleStoreDB and HDMM. Even more, these customer stories are concrete examples of real-world scenarios where organizations leverage the  benefits of SingleStoreDB Cloud to realize greater business outcomes.

We’ll also be joined by Dresner analysts Chris von Simson and Michael Moran, who will describe how the HDMM methodology and its nine distinct disciplines can be applied in your organization. The key to success centers on mobilizing most departments and functions to focus on the data-driven mission and in real time.

Discussion Topics

  • The technical benefits of SingleStoreDB Cloud

  • How SingleStore helps companies to realize greater business value from the data

  • How Dresner's HDMM methodology can help your company

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SingleStoreDB is The Real-Time Distributed SQL Database, designed for data-intensive applications.

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