Distributed Data Ingest: How to Load Kafka Data Pipelines into SingleStore

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Whether you are new to SingleStore, an experienced developer, or a business champion, this complimentary webinar will get you acquainted with a modern architecture that enables you to do streaming data ingestion while returning fast queries to power your data-intensive applications.  

In this free SingleStore Training webinar, we will dive deeper into SingleStore Pipelines feature highlighting how to easily ingest data from real-time sources using Kafka and from batch sources such as AWS S3. We will also do a hands-on lab to learn more about using SingleStore Pipelines along with our cloud-based SingleStore Studio SQL Editor.

Join our Education Delivery Specialist, David Yakobovitch for an interactive session on Distributed Data Ingest: How to Load Kafka Data Pipelines into SingleStore to learn how you can ingest fast data and deliver low latency, high concurrency applications using SingleStore.

As part of this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Explore how the distributed technology enables SingleStore Pipelines for easy data ingest
  • Learn how to perform data ingest from real-time sources to SingleStore using Apache Kafka and Pipelines
  • Discover how SingleStore can access and ingest data from AWS Cloud with SingleStore Pipelines


  • David Yakobovitch, Sr. Manager, Education Delivery Specialist, SingleStore

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On-Demand Webinar
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