Distributed Table Architecture: A Primer on Rowstore and Columnstore Databases

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Whether you are new to SingleStore, an experienced developer, or a business champion, this complimentary webinar will get you acquainted with a modern architecture that enables both Columnstore and Rowstore data structures within one database to deliver fast analytics and intelligent applications at scale.  

In this free SingleStore University webinar series, you will learn about the basics of a unified database, its benefits, and key applications.  More importantly, we will dive deeper into the architecture including Columnstores, Rowstores, and Indexes along with a hands-on lab to reinforce your learning with our cloud-based SingleStore Studio SQL Editor.

Join our Education Delivery Specialist, David Yakobovitch on “Distributed Table Architecture: A primer on  Rowstore and Columnstore Databases” to learn how you can deliver low latency, high concurrency, and optimized SQL queries using  SingleStoreDB Cloud product for all your data workloads.

You’ll learn:

  • Behind-the-scenes architecture that enables Columnstores and Rowstores to perform fast analytics and intelligent applications through storage and compute.
  • DDL Commands to create Columnstore and Rowstore schemas in SingleStore Studio SQL Editor 
  • SingleStoreDB Cloud benefits to run queries and to manage the operations for SingleStore Database


  • David Yakobovitch, Sr. Manager, Education Delivery Specialist, SingleStore

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On-Demand Webinar
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