Eliminating Database Sprawl - Three Customer Case Studies

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Data infrastructure complexity is rampant in our industry with modern applications continuing to be built on top of multiple, special-purpose databases that are glued together. With a plethora of special-purpose options available the issue of database sprawl continues to aggravate adding to the complexity and millions in costs for data management. 

But stitching together multiple speciality and legacy databases no longer is the way to power today’s high-scale, fast, data-intensive applications. The reality is that navigating the choices, figuring out how to use them effectively, and dealing with ETL and data movement, is so difficult that the pain far outweighs any technical advantage you might get.

SingleStore unifies transactions, analytics, and multiple data types into one powerfully simple, modern Cloud database that delivers ultra-fast ingest, low-latency queries, and elastic scalability to deliver extreme application performance.

Join Rick Negrin, VP of Product Management at SingleStore and guest speaker Noel Yuhanna, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester to hear how CIOs, CDOs, CTOs, DBAs, and developers are powering their data-intensive applications while eliminating database sprawl. 

You’ll learn more about:

  • Forrester Research’s considerations on how to effectively manage data infrastructure sprawl
  • Industry best practices and lessons learned on curbing the sprawl
  • Three case studies on how our customers consolidated multiple data engines to drive down cost and complexity 


  • Rick Negrin, Vice President, Product Management  at SingleStore
  • Noel Yuhanna, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

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On-Demand Webinar
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