Using and SingleStore to Deploy Explainable AI

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Fiddler Labs is a pioneer in Explainable AI, allowing organizations to monitor, explain, and analyze AI in production thereby enabling teams to build transparent and trustworthy AI models. When Fiddler’s Explainable AI Platform is combined with SingleStore’s fast, scalable SQL data platform, users get the most capable platform to train, deploy, and explain AI. Attend our first joint webinar to learn how you can build and explain predictive models in Fiddler and deploy them against real-time data in SingleStore.

Watch this previously recorded webinar to learn how to:

  • Leverage large datasets in SingleStore to build Explainable AI models in Fiddler
  • Use Fiddler’s Explainable AI Platform to monitor, explain, and analyze the model
  • Call live models and explanations directly from Fiddler’s Platform using SingleStore Pipelines
  • Monitor model performance over time using Fiddler

Fiddler and SingleStore together serve as the fastest and most scalable AI explainability and execution platform in the market today. Revolutionize your workflow for purposes such as fraud detection, decreasing customer churn, and increasing customer engagement for high business impact. Easily answer questions about your business decisions, and flexibly adjust outcomes as required.


  • Rob Harrell, Senior Product Manager, Fiddler Labs
  • Sarung Tripathi, Principal Solutions Consultant, SingleStore

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Duration: 45 minutes
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