Fireside Chat: The Data Renaissance - No Crayons Allowed with Raj Verma & Yves Mulkers

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We’re living in the age of the data renaissance, which makes the right tools essential. Some of those tools will be process focused. Others will require an innovative and creative approach.

Enterprise and independent developers who move away from legacy approaches and apply modern tools and perspectives during this data transformation era will have a clear advantage.

You can choose which tools to bring to this data golden age. Will you fall back on the tools you’ve used for decades? Or will you embrace tools that provide competitive differentiation?When data becomes a competitive differentiator, your strategy must evolve. In the last year alone, much has changed about why organizations and individuals need and use insightful data.

In this thought-provoking fireside chat, we will discuss why creating customer value requires an agile, innovative, open-minded, resilient approach to data. You will also get actionable information about how – at this intersection of technology and newly emerging data market trends – vendors can help you to equip your organization to succeed today and in the future.

Register to learn the most important ways to make your impact during the data Renaissance, which tools to bring, and why you want to treat your business like your most important relationship.

This fireside chat will cover:

  • Data Products That Create Customer Value
  • Navigating the Hybrid World
  • Solving Data Challenges with Actionable Insights
  • Innovation Advantages

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On-Demand Webinar

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