The New Data Challenges of Remote Work

GE/SingleStore Virtual Fireside Chat | On-Demand Recorded Webinar

During this virtual fireside chat, Diwakar Goel, Chief Data Officer at GE, and Raj Verma, SingleStore CEO, discuss the new challenges brought on by a mostly-virtual workforce and the current digital transformation trends affecting employees and their companies.

In this fireside chat, the executive panelists discuss:

  • Best practices to stay productive in a remote work setting
  • Leveraging the confluence of cloud during the pandemic to accelerate specific digital trends
  • Shifting your mental model to identifying the moments that matter

Diwakar shares the impacts of how SingleStore, and the move to a cloud-native, high-speed database, has helped GE provide an operational data store for company-wide financial analytics in this new business and economic climate. The discussion is followed by an interactive Q&A.


  • Diwakar Goel, Chief Data Officer at GE
  • Raj Verma, CEO at SingleStore

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Duration: 45 minutes
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