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With SingleStoreDB Cloud, you get instant, effortless access to the world’s fastest, most scalable data platform for analytical dashboards, available instantly and elastically across all the major cloud providers. SingleStoreDB Cloud is a fully managed cloud service that provides you with instant access to our best-in-class operational database — on demand and at elastic scale — in public cloud environments around the world.

Register for the previously recorded webinar to see how SingleStoreDB Cloud can bring new capability and ease to your applications and analytical systems:

  • See SingleStoreDB Cloud in action supporting data-intensive dashboards at lightning speed
  • See how you can spend less time on managing infrastructure and more time building beautiful visualizations
  • Learn how to dramatically cut the cost of both legacy databases and proprietary cloud vendors

This webinar includes a deep-dive into real-life use cases, goes under the hood of SingleStoreDB Cloud to see how it works, and closes with questions from the audience.

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Duration: 20 minutes
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