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Every dataset has a temperature. Like temperature, data too can be categorized as hot, warm, and cold depending on the criticality and frequency of access which further determines how and where it is stored. Hot data, which is frequently accessed, needs to be on fast storage, compared to warm data, which is accessed less frequently and stored on slightly slower storage mechanisms, or cold data, which is rarely accessed, is stored on even slower storage.

Hot data, due to its criticality, and resource intensiveness, will require premium database storage and processing such as physical RAM or SSD for fast performant queries and transactional rates.

However, for most organizations, a lot of their data is ‘stuck’ in legacy databases and processing engines that do not provide the speed or agility for fast decisions. Legacy database systems like MySQL or others do not provide the flexibility and a way to process both hot and cold data in one platform. Also, they are not designed to fulfill modern data requirements like streaming ingestion, fast analytics, fast search, and are not optimized to support modern applications like AI/ML.

SingleStore is a unified database that can enable you to process and run hot, warm, and cold data all in one platform. And organizations can dramatically boost business performance by migrating just 20-30% of data out of these legacy systems. 

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You’ll learn:

  • The benefits of integrating hot, warm, and cold data from legacy database systems such as MySQL.
  • Compare the performance and benefits  of a Universal Storage mechanism for hot, warm, and cold data storage and retrieval in SingleStore 
  • How to easily get started on migrating hot, warm, and cold data from MySQL to SingleStore 


  • Sukki Sandhar, VP, International Pre-Sales at SingleStore
  • Jeetendra Ranjan, Senior Enterprise Solutions Engineer at SingleStore

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On-Demand Webinar
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