The Impact of Operational Analytics on Databases

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Data is now the most valuable asset for enterprises in every industry. Leaders are using data-driven insights and experiences for competitive advantage. With that, a new breed of predictive analytic solutions has emerged, and demand is increasing for continuous analytics, real-time decisions, and more dynamic, intelligent applications. These new type of ultra-fast, large scale analytical systems — commonly called “operational analytics” — have dramatically changed the requirements of our data infrastructure.

Operational analytics gives businesses the ability to amplify their most critical data to drive business optimization, improve customer experiences, and empower everyone to be more data driven. Delivering a fast, scalable operational analytic platform requires a new class of database that goes beyond the capabilities of legacy architectures.

In this webinar, we’ll describe what operational analytic applications are and explain the challenges a business would face deploying them on legacy data infrastructure.

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  • The key data infrastructure requirements for operational analytic applications
  • The modern database capabilities required to scale and deliver reliable performance across a range of analytic scenarios, including real-time and predictive analytics and ML
  • The latest reference architectures being used to power high-impact operational analytic applications
  • How existing SingleStore customers improved the impact of their data through new revenue streams, reduced cost, and service differentiation


Mike Boyarski, Sr Director Product Marketing

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Duration: 35 minutes
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