Powering Portfolio Management with Real-Time Analytics

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The ability to perform real-time monitoring and achieve actionable insights on large data volumes has become imperative for financial institutions. Visualizing key metrics from streaming high-velocity operational data in a fast and interactive way can dramatically improve customer experiences and operations.

Tune in to our previously recorded webinar where we’ll explore how the combination of SingleStore and Looker unlocks access to fast changing data, with interactive dashboards that deliver up-to-the-second analysis of portfolio positions, trends, and risk models. SingleStore enables real-time financial reporting or insights on live data and historical analysis of old data, all in a single system.

Register to:

  • Learn how fast data applications can create competitive advantages and what new data infrastructure is required to deliver them
  • Understand how SingleStore and Looker work together to unlock value from real-time data analytics
  • Hear about the various deployment options from SaaS (SingleStoreDB Cloud), to containers (Kubernetes) to bare metal
  • Watch a quick demo of how SingleStore can power a Looker dashboard to perform real-time analytics on stock ticker dataset


  • Domenic Ravita, Field CTO, SingleStore
  • Erin Franz, Senior Technology Alliances Manager, Looker
  • Bruce Sandell, Senior Sales Engineer, Looker

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Duration: 45 minutes

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