Over the last many years, dashboards have proliferated enterprises from the board room to the manufacturing line. As businesses have become increasingly more reliant on analytics, end users have started to demand snappier performance from their dashboards. 

SingleStore Managed Service is powering some of the world’s most innovative, decision-rich fastboards with its optimized engine built for transactions and analytics. Companies like Kellogg’s are seeing 80X improvement in their dashboard performance. Innovative startups in the fintech industry are seeing 10-20X improvements in their custom web-based dashboard speeds by leveraging SingleStore.

In this webinar, we discuss three common architecture patterns that have led many companies to solve their dashboarding challenges.

Join us for the interactive webinar to learn more about

  • How SingleStore powers Fastboards by enabling   native connectivity to BI  technologies like Qlik
  • Case studies on how  SingleStore Managed Service is helping organizations  accelerate productivity with dashboard speeds  by up to 100x
  • Watch a brief demo of SingleStore Managed Service powering a dashboard using real-time advertising event data


  • Fahad Khan, Partner Engineering, SingleStore
  • Sukki Sandhar, VP, Pre-sales International, SingleStore